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10 Curve Inclusive Brands & Shops

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

As an extra curvy girl (and proud of it), shopping can sometimes be challenging when it comes to finding on trend, affordable, flattering clothing. I get a lot of questions from my fellow voluptuous sisters about where to shop when you want to be fly without breaking the bank.

Here are my current favorite shops:

1. - This shop is THE PLACE for plus size fitness apparel. The items are stylish and the fit is ridiculously comfortable and flattering. One of my favorite things about these items is how well they translate from look to look. I wore the EMBRACE leggings (black leggings pictured below) on a night out a few weeks ago and I was comfortable and cute all night! The EMBRACE leggings also happen to be my favorite workout leggings. I love a multi-purpose closet! And I have a surprise for you! A PROMO CODE!! Take 20% off your entire purchase by using promo code BRANDI20. Enjoy love!

2. Fashion Nova Curve - Trendy and affordable. Do not expect pieces that you will pass down to your daughters but this is the place for planning a LOOK!

3. ASOS Curve - The price tag is a little higher at ASOS (but still affordable) but the quality is unmatched! I have items from ASOS that I have had for 4-5 years that still wear beautifully. This is a great place to shop for your lasting wardrobe from staple items to professional wear to formal wear to swimwear. You can get any and everything from ASOS. Protect your wallet lol.

4. Shein Curve- Trendy and EXTREMELY affordable. Pro tip: READ THE REVIEWS. Quality and sizing is not the same for every item on this site. They are also taking extra precautions during the pandemic that is happening right now which I personally can appreciate. Use my link for 10% off your first purchase!

5. Asoph - A true hidden gem! This site has some great everyday items as well as some statement pieces. The price is fairly affordable and the quality is fair!

Coat and leggings from Asoph

6. Torrid - Higher quality. Higher price tag. The items at Torrid are pricey. However, the quality is above average and the fit is phenomenal in most items. The sizing is consistent so once you know your Torrid sizes, shop without fear! Torrid is great for jeans and piecing together casual slays!

7. Target - Don't sleep on Target sis! Most Target stores have a small but stylish plus size section. Stop in Target or hit for basics, casual slays, and the occasional Bohemian inspired sun dress or jumpsuit.

8. Nike - Nike is one of the few mainstream athletic brands that truly caters to curvy girls! And I love them for that! Nike plus size leggings have come a looonnnggg way! They are worth the price tag if you are in the gym regularly.

9. Lane Bryant - Lane Bryant is pricey but this is a great place for workwear and the occasional classy night out apparel. Starting a new job? This is your go-to for making an amazing first impression.

Blazer from Lane Bryant

10. City Chic - This place is a lesser known gem! They have gorgeous dresses, casual wear and swimsuits. The style is generally on trend so you may have to search harder to find those classic pieces. The price tag is hefty but the quality is phenomenal! They also sell this brand in Macy's.

Comment below and let me know if you shop at any of these spots or plan to try any of them!


Brandi Nikkale

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Mar 31, 2020

I love this! I wish I had a big bottom but until my booty arrives, I'll just admire big bottom behavior and all these looks you're serving!


Kiara Swanigan
Kiara Swanigan
Mar 26, 2020

Ok now this is FIRE!


Mar 23, 2020

Servin' all the looks & BAWDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes ma'am for this post! I shop at most these places lol but this was needed. Target, Shein, & FNcurve are my faves by far. I don't have a big bottom, but I need to try those leggings.

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