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When It's All Said And Done - Part One

“Baby I gotta go.”

I could feel Jeremy’s lips press against my forehead, then cheek. I let out a disgruntled sigh as I opened one eye to adjust to the early morning sunlight. His cologne wafted in the air, and I could hear his dress shoes clatter back and forth as he prepared to leave.

Right when I had made the decision to snooze for five more minutes Jeremy pulled the comforter back. “C’mon girl! You need to be getting ready for work too,” he said and smacked my ass. I instantly got aroused reminiscing about him deep stroking me last night – one hand around my neck, the other repeatedly beating on my cheeks like a conga drum…maybe I could get a quickie in.

My lips spread like a Cheshire cat as I reached up to feel the bulge in his pants. “Uh uh, I have to go. You know damn well I can’t stop once you start.”

I gave him puppy dog eyes. “But babyyyy! I need a morning pick me up!” Jeremy chuckled and pecked me on the lips. “I’ll see you later on tonight, Adrian.”

After hearing the front door lock I pulled myself out of bed, and walked to the bathroom to start my morning routine. When I reached down to pick up my toothbrush I noticed Jeremy’s black card laying on the sink with a note:

Today is on me. You deserve it. Love you beautiful.

Damn I love that man. Since the day we met four years ago he had given me everything I could ever ask for – penthouse apartment overlooking the lake, dinner at the finest restaurants, unlimited shopping trips. Now don’t get me wrong, I was very successful in my own right being the first black VP of Digital Advertising at my company, and considered myself extremely independent. But it’s just something about a man willing to step in and take care of shit without asking, ok?! Jeremy was a managing director for the largest private equity firm in Chicago. He worked crazy hours, but he always made time for me.

I quickly showered and checked the weather before getting dressed. I hated that it was so frigid outside but it gave me an excuse to show off the full length mink coat Jeremy got me for my birthday a few months ago. One more glance in the mirror, and I was out the door.

“Ooo shit!” I yelped as the Hawk hit the back of my neck. I stuffed my hands in my pockets, and scurried down the street to the Red Line. My office was only a few blocks away, but it was way too cold to walk. As I waited on the next train, I felt a strange presence. Without appearing too obvious, I looked down at my phone then turned to glance down the platform. A tall, fine man (Hey, I can look! Don’t judge me!) faced me a few feet away. His rich, chocolate skin blended well with the turtleneck and slacks he had on, and his beard glistened under the fluorescent lights of the station. His smoldering glare became more intense as he continued to stare at me.

The whistle of the train broke me from the staring contest. I shook my head and hurried in before the doors closed. “The next stop is State & Lake,” the automated voice stated. Commuters began inching towards the doors preparing for them to open. Again I felt like someone was watching me. When I peered around the plexiglass divider I noticed the same man observing me. This time he was on the phone, speaking intensively to whoever was on the other end of the receiver, all the while never breaking eye contact. At this point I felt extremely uncomfortable. “What is up with this nigga,” I muttered under my breath. I felt his eyes on my back as I ran off the train and up the escalator.

My work day was nearly finished and I could not stop thinking about that strange man on the train. There was an iciness about him that was so unsettling. A knock at my office door interrupted my thoughts. My secretary, Bevvie, poked her head in with a grin on her round little face. “Someone’s got a deliveryyyyy,” she screeched. Her perkiness was annoying sometimes. She bust into the office with a huge bouquet of purple roses. “Looks like another gesture from the best boyfriend in the world!” Bevvie sat the vase down on my desk and picked up the card to read. I quickly snatched it from her hand, furring my brow. “Ummm thank you Bevvie. That’ll be all.” Bevvie shrugged her shoulders and turned to walk out the room. “Actually,” I stopped her. “Clear my schedule for the remainder of the day. I’ll be out of the office.”

On the walk home I kept feeling like I was being watched. That dude was making me paranoid. I flagged the doorman of my building, and asked him to turn away any visitors. As soon as I got in the door I poured myself a glass of Shiraz and kicked off my heels. Was that guy just admiring the view, or was he watching me for another reason? “Don’t be stupid. What other reason could there be Adrian?” I knew what would make me feel better…setting the mood and surprising Jeremy. I slipped into my sexiest bra and pantie set and admired my curves in the mirror. That yoga had really paid off.

It was 7pm. Jeremy would be home any minute, and I couldn’t wait for him to devour me. There was a knock at the door as I turned on the fireplace. That was strange; I’d asked the doorman not to send anyone up. “Who is it,” I yelled. No response. “WHO IS IT?!” Again, no response. “Jeremy, stop playing!” I swung open the door, and to my surprise my man was not standing there. It was the mystery man from the train. “What the-“

“Hey Adrian, did you get my flowers?”

TO BE CONTINUED. (Subscribe to be notified)

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