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When It's All Said And Done - Part Three

It had been six months since I’d seen Jeremy. He would call every other night in the beginning, but the calls came less and less. It was like he just didn’t care about all that he’d left behind. What made it worse was I couldn’t tell anyone about what was going on. Family members would call, and I would say that he was on a business trip, which wasn’t too farfetched since he did travel a lot.

Calvin made sure not to get in my way; it was still strange having him around though. He took me to and from work every day, but made it clear that it wasn’t safe for me to leave the house otherwise. I already utilized grocery delivery and laundry service so it wasn’t like I needed to go out in the world anyway, but sometimes you just want to take a walk or go shopping, you know?

One day, I’d decided I had enough of being a prisoner in my own home. I threw on my jeans and a cropped sweatshirt, and tucked my purse and sneakers under my arm before slowly opening the bedroom door. I peeked to see if the guest room door was open; it wasn’t. I tip-toed down the hallway, looking behind me. One more glance over my shoulder and I was out the door.

I shuffled down the hallway towards the elevator, and repeatedly thumbed the down button. Once I made it to my G-Wagon in the parking garage I let out a sigh of relief. I wasn’t sure where I was going or what I wanted to do, but I knew I needed a day without a shadow.

“Siri, call Alexis,” I yelled. I reached down into the center counsel and pulled out my sunglasses as I exited the garage. It was a beautiful spring day, the sun twinkling off the lake.

“Bitch why you calling me at 8am on a Saturday?” Alexis did not like people waking her up, but I knew that she would be down for hanging out today.

“Girl! Just get your ass up and meet me at Five Loaves in 30 minutes, my treat.” The line was silent. “Hello, did you hear me? I said my treat!”

Alexis squealed. “Oh, I just wanted to make sure I heard you right! I’ll be there in 20 minutes if you paying!”

Riding down Lake Shore Drive was so therapeutic. Whenever I felt like I had to release I would drive all the way out south, then down Stony Island. This was my home, always had been, and I could truly let me hair down once I passed Jackson Park.

Alexis waved me down when I entered the restaurant. We embraced, giggled, and rocked back and forth. We already didn’t spend as much time together as we’d liked, but with the whole Jeremy thing I hadn’t seen her in nearly 8 months.

“Girl, where the hell have you been? I haven’t seen you since the Silver Room Block Party!” She playfully slapped my arm before sitting back down.

I let out a heavy sigh. “I can’t even begin to tell you…” I wanted to just blurt out everything, but I knew I couldn’t. “Just been working my ass off and trying to stay sane.” My phone’s ringtone sounded off. I checked my watch to screen the call; it was Calvin. Ignore. Another call. Ignore.

Alexis raised an eyebrow. “Mmmhmm, and how’s Mr. Man?”

“Who?!” I screamed.

“Jeremy fool! Damn, what is wrong with you?”

I covered my face with the menu. “Nothing. So what’s been up with you? Ready to order?”

After breakfast, Alexis and I drove to the mall and hit a few stores. We parted ways and I went to a nursery to pick up a couple plant babies, then grabbed a six piece (fried hard with mild sauce, salt and pepper) from Harold’s and headed back up north. Calvin had called me at least a dozen more times until I turned my phone on silent.

While having my jam session on the way home, I noticed a black SUV racing towards me with their high beams on. I adverted my eyes to avoid the glare bouncing off the rearview mirror, and switched lanes to allow the SUV to pass. It switched lanes with me and sped up. “What the hell…” I increased my speed and shot over two lanes. Every move I made the SUV stayed on my bumper. When I saw my exit was coming up I b-lined across three lanes and ran the light to get onto Lower Wacker. I screeched my tires as I turned into the parking garage, and immediately ran to the elevator. There were footsteps in the distance as I waited on the doors to open. I could hear someone clearing their throat, and smelled cigarette smoke. The elevator dinged and I darted inside, frantically palming the button to the top floor. As the doors began to close a shadowy figure appeared.

My heart rate quickened and I leaned against the elevator wall for balance. Who the hell was that? Was that the same person who was trailing me? “You are tripping bitch,” I said aloud.

The penthouse was pitch black when I walked in. I could see the TV light flashing under the guest room door. I put my purse on a nearby bar stool and walked around to the fridge for a bottle of wine. The bottle clanked against the glass while trying to pour the wine. I closed my eyes and hummed after taking a sip.

“Adrian, where the fuck you been?! I know you saw me calling you!” Calvin grabbed my wrist and the wine glass shattered on the floor.

I snatched away and tried to get around him. At 6’7” his stature towered over my 5’6” frame. I tried to push him out of my way. “Ouch, shit!” A sharp pain radiated up my leg and I looked down to see that I had stepped on a piece of glass.

Before I knew it, Calvin was lifting me onto the kitchen counter. “Keep your foot elevated,” he said. I noticed how attractive Calvin was the on the Red Line during our initial encounter, but it was like I was seeing him for the first time. His eyes were wide and intense, but you could tell there was sadness behind them. His muscles were pronounced, and bulged underneath his white v-neck. He grabbed a towel out of the linen closet, threw it over the spilt wine and broken glass, then lifted my leg to inspect my foot. The cut didn’t require any stitches so Calvin cleaned and wrapped gauze around the wound.

“That should do it,” he half smiled. “But for real Adrian. You can’t be running off like that. I was given one job, to protect you, and I can’t do that if I don’t know where you’re at.”

I fiddled with a frayed thread on my sweatshirt. Why was his chastising turning me on? “Ok ok, I’m sorry,” I whispered.

Calvin shook his head. “Why you got to be so hardheaded?” He still had my foot in his hand, gazing into my eyes. I stared back at him, and a flood of emotions took over me. My body was getting hot; butterflies fluttering in my stomach. His hand trailed up my leg then he parted my knees and clinched my thighs.

I gasped as Calvin inched closer to me. He licked and bit his lip before grabbing my neck and pulling me into his body. I let myself fall limp and wrapped my arms around him. His hands were all over me. I was loving every minute of it. He scooped me up by my ass and carried me to the bedroom. I ripped off my sweatshirt and bra on the way. Calvin laid me on the bed and slid my jeans off. He stood there admiring my body. I’m sure he was thinking of every which way he could have me. His erection fought to stay hidden in the grey sweatpants, and my mouth began to water.

Calvin untied his sweats and they fell to his feet. His dick bounced up and down like a door stopper. He laid on top of me and separated my pussy lips with his fingers. “Damn you nice and ready for me, huh,” he breathed in my ear before licking my lobe and neck. I throbbed against his fingertips preparing myself for his girth. He moved my panties to the side, entering me with force and passion. We both moaned and our hips found the same rhythm. “Uhh Adrian,” he said as he stroked. Our tongues danced in each other’s mouth, and we shared the same breaths. “Get on top. NOW.”

I lowered myself on top of him and bounced like I was on a pogo stick. He held a breast in each hand, suckling on my nipples. “Oh my god!” I was about to reach my peak. We quickened our pace, and erupted at the same time. I collapsed on his chest and we both attempted to catch our breath. “Wow,” I said. Calvin chuckled. “Wow ain’t even the word, sweetheart.” We fell asleep in each other’s arms. That was probably the first time I had gotten a full night’s rest since Jeremy left.

Around dawn, I thought I heard noises coming from the living room. I looked over to see Calvin still asleep. “Calvin….Calvin. I hear something. Wake up.” Calvin tried to hush me back to sleep, but clattering pots and pans shocked him from his slumber. He jumped up and put his sweatpants on, reached under the bed and pulled out a .22 caliber. He noticed the appalled look on my face, cocking his head. “Chill out, I put this there after I moved in. Stay here,” he said. I started to smell smoke….cigarette smoke. The bedroom door bust open, and two men stood in the doorway - an older man in a black suit with sunglasses and a gold tooth and a younger huskier man - pointed their guns at us.

The older man cackled. “RISE AND SHINE MUTHAFUCKAS!!!!”

Stay tuned for the fourth and final installment of this juicy story!

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