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10 Creative Pandemic Date Ideas

Since being in the pandemic…panera bread…panda express….panini…panorama….paragraph…whatever you want to call it, dating has become even more of a challenge than normal. Why? Because many of the typical date spots are closed and/or limited capacity. *sigh*

A lot of the men I have met during the pandemic have lacked creativity and common phrases are:

"Ain't nothing open."

"Just come over."

"Oh you cooking? Without me?"

"I'm really just trying to get to know you. I can just come through."

Disclaimer: If you don't desire dates outside of the house, the above is probably fine. This blog isn't necessarily for you because you have every right to want what you want sis. And that's on period.

Okay back to the "slide through" suggestions. Next time he tries to make you think that there is nothing to do other than go over his house or yours, hit him with this list of 10 creative date ideas that can take place during the pandemic. Send this link directly if you need to.

Baddies don't beat around the bush.

  1. Drive-in movie - Classic date idea AND you can take your own snacks and drinks if that's your vibe.

  2. Mani/Pedi date - This is cute unless he's super ticklish…that might be awkward lol.

  3. Massages at a local spa - Can you imagine how bossy it would feel to go to a spa for a first date?! I have a friend who went on a first date at a spa with a man she met from Tinder….they're happily married now. I'm just saying.

  4. Meet at a park with takeout - I had a guy invite me to watch the sunset at an overlook in the city and he brought tacos and we just talked and it was amazing.

  5. Explore a cool neighborhood - If your city has a cute downtown or any walkable area with shopping, restaurants and other hidden gems, this is a great and simple date idea. Meet at a specific starting point and just explore.

  6. Virtual movie night - FaceTime. Food. Drinks. Vibes. (He should cash app you for your food and drinks)

  7. Farmer's Market - Most cities have one. Look it up. Enjoy.

  8. Fruit picking - Spring is here! Look for orchards where you can pick fruit together. What a sweet date….see what I did there?

  9. Picnic - Find a cute spot, bring food and libations and enjoy a cute day together.

  10. Escape room - This is one I want to do so bad. No better way to see how well you work together!

Long story short: You deserve effort boo.

Comment below and let me know if you've done any of these or have other great date ideas!


Brandi Nikkale

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1 opmerking

Kiara Swanigan
02 apr. 2021

"Send him this link...baddies don't beat around the bush." Babyyyyy!

And that last GIF 🤣

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