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10 Ways to Avoid Quarantine Boredom

Most of us are still stuck in the house (more or less). It is easy to look on social media and feel like you should be starting a business or saving 1 million dollars right now. Those things are amazing but here are 10 OTHER things you can do to avoid quarantine boredom.

1. Clean out your closet. That dress you wore to eighth grade graduation can go Queen. Clean out your closet and make a safe masked trip to Goodwill or Salvation Army to drop those items off that you no longer need.

Pro-Tip: If you spend more than 30 seconds debating it, it can go.

2. Learn to cook something fancy. We all have those recipes on our Pinterest board that we always say "I'm going to try that" and we never do because we simply don't have time. Now is the time.

3. Clean out your camera roll to free up space on your phone. This one is for me. I have almost 50,000 pictures in my phone. I will be cleaning mine out. You should do the same.

Bonus: Clean out your contacts and messages as well.

4. Have a watch party. Pick a movie with your friends and/or family and watch it together. Marco Polo is a great app to use for live commentary while watching the movie.

5. Walk outside. It's summer and the perfect time to get some sun and a little bit of exercise. If you live in a walkable neighborhood, take yourself for a 30 minute walk every morning or evening. Don't live in a walkable area or just tired of seeing your neighborhood? Drive to a neighborhood you love, park and walk.

6. Rearrange and remodel your space. Chances are you are staying home more now than ever before. You are probably looking at your surroundings and thinking "I want to move". A lot of us feel like that. Try rearranging your furniture and making your Pinterest interior decorating dreams come true. This doesn't have to break the bank. Shop for deals and pick up one piece at a time.

7. Read with a friend. I have been joining my friends in reading books together since quarantine started and it is helping me reach my 100 book reading goal for the year and get some much needed conversation with my friends! Try it!

8. Learn about something new. Learn a new language, learn everything about your hair type, learn about skin care, learn about personal finances, learn how to take bomb ass social media pictures. You can do this on Pinterest, YouTube, order books on the topic or consult an expert. Become a master at something you're truly interested in!

9. Have a picnic. Find an area local to you where you can social distance and take yourself on a picnic. Don't want to go outside? Throw yourself a floor picnic at home complete with your favorite snacks and mimosas!

10. Spa Day! Give yourself a facial, soak your feet, run a bubble bath. Treat yoself!

Comment and let me know which of these you have done or plan to do!

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1 Comment

Kiara Swanigan
Sep 01, 2020

All bomb ideas!

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