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5 Ways To Enjoy Your Own Company

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I am an extreme introvert. As much as I love people and love to have a great interaction, I recharge best when I am alone and I spend my social tokens very wisely.

When people learn how much time I spend solo, I often get the question “What do you be doing?!” or the statement “I know you have to be bored!”

I think it is equally (if not more) as healthy to spend time alone as it is to enjoy great interactions with other people. After all, if you cannot enjoy your own company, you may have a little internal work to do. You didn’t hear that from me though.

I am not trying to convince you to be a hermit. I just want you to enjoy you. Save a little bit of you for yourself.

On the flip side, if anyone has a blog about how to be a LITTLE more extroverted, I guess you can send it to me.

Until then, let me talk about what I know!

5 Ways to Enjoy Your Own Company

  1. Create spaces that you love. At least once a week, I journal in gratitude about my physical space. My apartment is cozy, filled with things that I love and it brings me joy. I enjoy being in my space. If you do not enjoy being in your physical space, why would you be there?

  2. Leave the house. In complete opposition to number one, you can leave the can go places by yourself and still enjoy your own company. Almost anywhere that you can go with another person, you can go alone. Keep safety in mind, take a book or headphones and go enjoy yourself!

  3. Find a hobby. As adults, we often let go of the ideas of having things that we enjoy doing just for pure enjoyment. When you were a child, you likely enjoyed riding your bike, reading, collecting stickers, dancing, or some other form of hobby that just brought you joy and you could do it with others or alone. Find a hobby and dig in. I have lots of hobbies that I can do by myself: reading, coloring (yes, coloring), hiking, walking, dancing, writing, cooking ,etc.

    1. Bonus: You can find hobbies that work alone or with other people. Find that balance between taking some solo hikes and going with a friend or a group of friends. Better yet, find a group in your area that shares your hobby and meet some new people!

  4. Do not underestimate the power of rest. Enough said.

  5. Prepare for your next outing. Turn on some music, open your closet and start putting your looks together for the next time you go out. Nothing is worse than wanting to go out and you can’t figure out what to wear. Spending a few hours in your closet piecing looks together or some time in front of the mirror trying different makeup looks and different hairstyles will make it so much easier for you when you are ready to go out. My idea of self-care is anything that will benefit the future you. This will definitely benefit the future you and I promise you, with a glass of wine and a great playlist, it’s fun!

If you desire more time enjoying and getting to know yourself, comment and let me know which of these you plan to try! If you are an introvert like me, comment and let me know what you do to enjoy your own company!



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