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absolute karma: a short story

The jangling of my bracelets and the cadence of my sneakers on the pavement create the soundtrack that marks my arrival. The rising of the sun welcomes me as the final chill of the early morning dissipates and the sun makes an appearance. The crisp air provides a subtle warning of colder days to come. The weather is not perfect by typical standards but it is perfect for me. The slight wind allows the sweet scent of herbs to permeate the air. I pause at the edge of the garden, closing my eyes to enjoy a moment of meditation. So often, the beauty of the morning is met with grievance and dismay. Not today.

My shoes hit the ground with two light thuds as I toss them aside. My feet kiss the dirt from which I have watched life grow in the form of nourishment. I consider what has been sowed into good ground by those before me. I consider what I will sow for generations to come. I thank God for both what has been, what is, and what will come.

I take a deep breath and begin my daily routine of inspecting my vegetable garden. Every leaf, every stem, every fruit, and vegetable is checked for signs of disease or damage. I make mental notes of what needs to be pruned or harvested. I will save what I can, removing what will infect everything else if left alone. As I work, the warmth of the sun on my back and the coolness of the soil on my hands remind me of the beauty of hard work.

I examine my work, grateful for the solitude yet excited to share it with my loved ones. I take a break, finding a tree in the shade to rest. Taking a sip of water, I contemplate the contentment of being able to feed my family by my own hand. The simplicity of starting the day with fresh air and the power of grounding.

In the world, the good that I do does not always return to me.

In the world, my patience is not always rewarded.

But here, in this space, every seed I plant in good soil returns goodness.

My karma is an absolute.

My ability to have rests in my ability to do.

Here, I am a creator. A reflection of God.

And in His likeness, I looked upon all that I made and indeed, it was very good.

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