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take care.

I’ve watched you gently hold and care for the feelings, dreams, and fears of everyone around you. I crave the opportunity to take care of you in that way. - Me to Me

As you likely know, I am an astrology girl. I always have been. It’s just a thing I have loved since I was a kid. As the mother of the zodiac (A Cancer Queen), it is my natural inclination to nurture. I like to take care of people in whatever way I see that they need. It looks different for everybody but I love to gently care for the people in my life. I love this about me and I hope to always be this way.

I recently started to look in the mirror and ask myself why I don’t take care of me in that same way. Why don’t I nurture myself in the way that I do others? Why am I not gentle with my hopes and dreams like I am with those of other people? Where is my TLC (tender loving care…not Creep) for myself? Am I not as deserving? If I do this for those that I love but not myself, am I subconsciously telling myself that I don’t love me?

*carrie bradshaw voice*

"I’m left wondering… i not love myself enough….or do I love others too much?"

Here's how i am choosing to take care of myself moving forward:

  1. Me First. I have started the habit of waking up at 5am lately to have a few hours for myself before I give anyone else anything. I have three goals during this time. Read, write, and workout. In whatever order.

  2. Pay Me First. I have started really saving…daily. Even if it is $1, every single day, I transfer money to an account that I do not easily have access to every day. it is teaching me to invest something into myself and pay me first. Also, something I learned a while back is that your money should always be moving. You don't want your accounts to be stagnant. The daily practice moves my money without me actually spending it.

  3. Hell No. I have started saying no. Often. Unapologetically. Without explanation. No. If you want to say yes to the things that matter most to you, you have to say no to some other things. It is the only way. THE ONLY WAY.

  4. Nurture Me. I am cooking for myself, talking to myself, massaging myself, stretching slowly in the morning, and just generally treating myself kindly. I am nurturing myself the way that i want to see all of the women i care about cared for.

  5. Let The Light In. Literally and figuratively. Literally by opening my blinds and curtains more often. Spending a few minutes in the sun for some vitamin d. Figuratively through journaling, meditating, praying, therapy. I am walking through the darkest corners of my heart and mind and shining light on them.

How do you take care of yourself? Comment and let me know!


Brandi Nikkale

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