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A Whole New World

At the height of the pandemic, there was a lot of conversation about "the new normal" and it used to really scare me.

Something about that phrase made me so uncomfortable to think that the days of life as we knew it were over. Instead of unpacking why that was, I pushed it to the back of my mind and continued on with life.

Well here we are…on the brink of the new normal. The pandemic is (prayerfully) coming to an end soon and we are all looking forward to a good summer. And I am excited! The difference: I am really excited for the new normal.

When we shift our perspective, we can see things that we didn't see before.

The last year has been a lot of things but above all else it has been completely unpredictable and unexpected.

I have personally spent so much time alone, in leggings and reflecting on life. Now that I am preparing to live a more social life again, instead of seeing a scary new normal, I am looking forward to a whole new world.

In my mind, this new world will include people being a little more compassionate, employers appreciating their employees and allowing for more autonomy, more self-care whether we are sick or healthy, more appreciation for the simple human interactions like grabbing coffee together or a hug, and lastly prioritizing wellness in all ways.

Things I am believing for in MY Whole New World:

  1. More socialization. I am an introvert by nature so I enjoy spending time alone. However, I think I took outside for granted and this pandemic has opened my eyes to this. I am going to try my best to say yes much more to those invites for going places, happy hours, weekend trips and girls nights.

  2. More therapy. I started therapy during this pandemic and it has been so beneficial for me! I used to think I didn't have anything really to talk about in therapy. I imagined us staring at each other like the Diddy GIF because I am really quite private about my personal feelings.

Boy was I wrong. The whole hour is me saying "And another thing!" and her saying

"Hold on. Let's unpack this first." I don't want to get so caught up in being "free" of the pandemic that I forget to continue that work.

3. Less people pleasing. Life is too short to live your life for anybody else. That's it.

4. Less settling. If you've been following me for any amount of time, you know the

Single > Settle vibes. But even beyond that, I've decided to stop settling. Stop settling for a life I don't want to live. Stop settling in my friendships, my wardrobe, my daily routines, my dating life, my nails…all of it. Everything can't be perfect but I can do LESS settling.

Long story short: I'm about to really enjoy my life.

Comment and let me know what your ideal new world includes!


Brandi Nikkale

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