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Better than being in love?!

“I feel like love.”

I wrote that in my journal tonight. It felt so good that I wrote it twice. I cried the second time I wrote it because I have chased feeling lovED for so long that I never thought to cultivate the feeling of love as a part of my existence.

I feel like love. Not that I am experiencing love outside of me but that I myself feel like the physical and spiritual embodiment of love.

I am not at all downplaying the power of love from those closest to us but simply describing how much lighter I feel being love.

Being love > being in love for me in this season.

Being in love implies that you can be out of it just as easily. Being love implies no ending. I am permanently and eternally love. I do not have to rely on being loved, chasing love, capturing love and holding it so tightly that my knuckles turn white. I am it naturally. It goes with me wherever I go. It exists in me just as naturally as my heart exists in my chest. If I myself am love, I cannot be broken.

I am a never ending waterfall of grace, joy, peace, understanding, and patience.

I am unstoppable. Love is not weak when it is part of my permanent existence. It is the strongest thing about me. It is what makes me irresistible. Not just romantically but platonically, professionally, casually. I cannot be ignored. I cannot be mishandled.

The love that latches on to me burns so bright that it illuminates the truth in all those I encounter. It melts the inhibitions of everyone around me. If I myself am love, I don’t have to try to be the light.

I don’t have to try to get someone to fall in love with me. If love is in their heart, I already live there. If love has no room in their life, neither do I.

I feel like love.

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