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You deserve….

Skin scarred from playtime as a child.

Hair free to grow wild in every direction standing proud.

Diamonds adorning your wrists, hands and neck.

Pillows so plush that you sink into them.

A perfect temperature bubble bath every single time.

Love that endures.

Pain that doesn't.

Eyes that see in vibrant hues.

A nose filled with smells that remind you of peace.

Laugh lines.

A back that aches from carrying the children with glee.

A house big enough to contain the joy of everyone you love.

Hands softened from the purest of water.

Skin moisturized with the finest of oils.

Overactive tear ducts from crying joyfully.

A tongue tired from singing praises.

You deserve….


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1 Comment

Allante Chapple
Sep 13, 2020

This is beautiful! Gave me all the feels! DESERVE!

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