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Brandi's Groove

I am back in my groove.

I am reading again.

I am writing again.

I am publishing again.

I am laughing again.

I am smiling again.

I am crying again.

I am feeling again.

I am dancing again.

I am singing again.

I am hearing from God again.

I am talking to God again.

I am meditating again.

I am stretching again.

I am me again.

Some seasons take us out of ourselves. We can’t always pinpoint what is holding us down but we are searching high and low for that feeling of alignment…that feeling that we are going in the right direction….that feeling that everything is going to be okay.

Solange really framed it best in Cranes in the Sky….we try to shop, drink, sex, dance, and work it away. And often times it works temporarily….for me, the distraction helps for a day or two before the feelings rebound.

Sometimes we just have to ride it out.

Continue to journal, go to therapy, workout, dance, etc. but don’t get discouraged if you don’t see immediate change.

Take comfort in knowing that every storm runs out of rain (that’s a country song) and this season will come to an end.

As humans, we like to hear that we can control things and our happiness is just as simple as saying “I will be happy” and while to some degree our words and intentions matter, it is not always that simple.

As adults, at any given moment, we are facing a multitude of life things at one time.










Every day won’t feel perfect and glossing over things in attempt to force ourselves into a faux sense of happiness is only hurting us in the long run.

You are where you are but you won’t stay there.

Lean into it, learn from it, and move tf on to better days.

You will find your groove again.

You will smile again.

You will laugh again.

You will celebrate again.

You will win again.

While you’re in your off season…identify your groove.

You will always have a hard time navigating to an unknown destination.

What is the end goal? How will you know when you have arrived?

What’s Brandi’s Groove?

Click below for a glimpse.

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Kiara Swanigan
Kiara Swanigan
Aug 05, 2022

Amen to that! The sun will come again!


Aug 05, 2022

& that’s on period! Currently trying to get back into my groove & this was confirmation for me!

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