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If It Weighs You Down

We learn so young to bottle things up.

“Put your game face on.”

“Never let them see you sweat.”

“Handle it with a smile.”

“Kill them with kindness.”

“Grin and bear it.”

None of these are necessarily bad advice but in addition to these things, I wish we also learned to let go. I wish we learned that if you find yourself having to do this all the time and constantly “be on”, it’s time to reevaluate.

Are you surrounding yourself with people that force you to smile when you feel like crying?

Are you pretending everything is okay and you “don’t need anybody” when you are truly lonely, overworked, exhausted and in need of a little support?

If the romantic relationship weighs you down, why are you pretending?

If the friendship weighs you down, have you spoke up for yourself?

If the job weighs you down, find a new one.

If the physical space you live in weighs you down, redecorate or relocate.

Although we have roots, we are not trees.

If it weighs you down, why are you holding onto it so tight?

If it weighs you down, release it.

God will slide through with an upgrade.


Brandi Nikkale

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3 commentaires

Le’Anne Byler
16 avr. 2021

I feel this deep in my soul right now


Kiara Swanigan
02 avr. 2021


28 mars 2021

“although we have roots, we are not trees” whew, a word! i had to learn this about my former church and i’m so happy that i was able to separate myself.

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