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"It's Just My Vibration"

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Over the past month or two, I have found myself using the phrase "It's just my vibration" quite often.

As I continue on my #baddie journey, I am constantly striving to level up my life in all areas.






In the past, me and my sister friend, Tiana, have always joked about how we like to save our good stuff, whether it be clothes, shoes, candles, makeup, whatever. We liked to save our stuff for the perfect time.

I read a post a few months ago that totally changed my line of thinking.

This post made me examine the vibration that I present outwardly.

Am I vibrating on a #baddie level daily or am I too busy hoarding the beautiful things in my life waiting for the perfect moment? I can promise you I was doing the latter.

Going into 2021, I decided to make a change. Not only was I cheating myself and the world of all this baddie energy but I was operating from a mindset of lack.

Holding onto everything for a "special occasion" implies that I don't believe that there is more and better that I can obtain so I need to "hold on" to what is good and special and beautiful in my possession.

I have no desire to operate from a place of lack or scarcity anymore.

How I am raising my vibration

  1. My wardrobe: I am currently in the process of cleaning out my closet big time. I am getting rid of 70-80% of my wardrobe in preparation for my wardrobe in my 30s. I spent my 20s getting to know myself and this includes getting to know my style. Now that I have a handle on my aesthetic (grab a copy of The Baddie Bylaws for more details on having a signature).

  2. Using my beautiful items: I am recognizing every day moving forward as a special occasion. As a result of this, I am using my fancy champagne flutes, wearing my favorite clothes, eating my favorite (sometimes slightly pricey) foods.

  3. Wearing perfume everyday: I work from home and I rarely go anywhere outside of my home (we're in a global panini...duh) but I still put on my perfume everyday. Something about smelling beautiful just does it for me. It makes me feel like the baddie I am.

  4. Treating myself: Me and my friend Gina jokingly tell each other all the time "Treat yoself" sometimes about pizza and sometimes about new shoes. While it is super important to be wise in your spending, it is also important to treat yourself like your favorite person (because you should be). Pick something that you desire, make a plan to get it and make that happen for yourself. It can be an experience, a vacation, an item, or even just a day off. Treating yourself should be a regular occurrence in your life.

Next time you consider dimming or delaying your light, I hope you put on your best instead and say out loud:

"It's just my vibration."


Brandi Nikkale

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1 commentaire

Kiara Swanigan
10 févr. 2021

Be what you want! Yaaas!

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