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Karmic Relationships & Shit

One of my new favorite things is Facebook groups (me and @MeanAssKie both lol). I am in several groups about empowerment, spirituality, duality, and self-love. It is in one of these groups that I learned about karmic relationships. What is a karmic relationship? I am so glad you asked.

A karmic relationship is one that is filled with all-consuming passion but is extremely difficult to maintain.

I used to mistake my karmic relationship for my soulmate, my twin flame, my forever. I thought that if we went through ALL OF THIS drama, stress, and challenges that it had to be for a reason. It had to be a series of tests to strengthen us to be together forever. I found the relationship to be that ever elusive firefly that I chased around with my empty jar attempting to capture. From time to time, I would take a break from chasing it but I would always keep it in the back of my mind that my mission was not complete until I caught it! But karmic relationships are not meant to last. Karmic relationships are lessons….hard and often painful lessons. Here's what I learned from mine.

1. The thrill of the chase wears off. At the beginning of a situationship, it feels a little thrilling to do the back and forth thing if I'm being honest. We live in the age of reality tv and social media so a little drama (just a tiny bit sis) feels exhilarating sometimes. I know it's not just me so don't be over there judging my life. I'm working on it sis. LMAO. But listen. Take it from personal experience. IT. GETS. OLD. Attempting to hold a relationship together that feels like an uphill battle is exhausting and the thrill does not last. Let it go.

2. Love and loyalty do not go hand in hand. A person can love you and that does not guarantee their loyalty to you. Love is an emotion. Loyalty is a character trait. The end.

3. Love is not enough. I realized that while there was and probably still is a lot of love in my karmic relationship, it is not enough. Love is not enough no matter how much it is. A sustainable relationship requires respect, trust, compatibility, like minded intentions and a host of other things along with love.

4. Pain isn't a pleasant foundation. Sometimes we easily bond with someone because we share pain. We share heartbreak and that makes for a strong bond but it is not the one you want to build your happiness on. In my karmic relationship, I found that painful situations brought us closer together and it was the only way we grew in the relationship. If we only grow in painful situations, we depend on those situations for development. What happens if the pain stops? Anything that stops growing dies.

5. I never re-respected nobody. Once the respect is gone, the relationship/situationship is next to go. I have never been able to find respect for someone after I've lost it. That's what it took for me to end my karmic relationship.

If this all sounds relatable to you, what will it take to end yours?

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Katina Mayweather
Oct 30, 2020

It’s number 5 for me.


Kiara Swanigan
Sep 24, 2020

Number 2 and number 5! Whew!


Sep 24, 2020

It was the lack of respect for me. Once I realized just how much I didn't they were out the door. Ironically enough that was recently (like the past month). Best decision I've made.

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