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My Solo Baecation

If you are reading this, chances are you know I am very very single.

As a result, holidays can be challenging and Valentine's Day is the Holy Grail of tough holidays for singles. Normally, I spend the day cautiously navigating social media and being a hermit. I normally look forward to the day being over.It's not good.... not bad.

This year, I decided to enjoy my Valentine's Day like I would if I were in a romantic relationship. I booked myself a solo baecation. I booked a 4 day stay in a hotel I have always wanted to stay in in Las Vegas. I made myself a dinner reservation at Gordon Ramsey's Steakhouse and I packed Penelope (my car) up and hit the road.

I filled the weekend with self-care, rest, champagne, lingerie, photo shoots, and pampering. Long story short, I did whatever I wanted.

As I sat down for my steakhouse dinner for one all dolled up in my cute dress and heels with my new Fendi clutch (My Valentine's Day gift to myself), I legitimately smiled out loud (Is a thing? Smiling out loud?.... It is now). I realized that I was having the best Valentine's Day that I had ever had. I was enjoying a moment that a year ago would have brought me to tears. I was truly and honestly #LivingSingle.

During this solo baecation, I found myself at the intersection of The Baddie Bylaws and Living Single. I was alone but not lonely. I was inexplicably overwhelmed with a mixture of pride, confidence and joy. I had never felt more like myself.

When I wrote Living Single, it was (and still is) a book of lessons I have learned on my journey as a single woman. In writing that book and creating the Living Single community, it was (and still is) my greatest hope that it encouraged all of us to find a place of peace and joy with or without a significant other.

When I wrote The Baddie Bylaws and created the #baddie community, I hoped for a group of women working on their confidence, tips for leveling up and supporting other women doing the same.

Finally, while sitting at the dinner table by myself, dressed beautifully and smelling amazing, I found myself boldly walking into my life as a Living Single Baddie.

That. Feels. Good.


Brandi Nikkale

The Living Single Baddie

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Kiara Swanigan
Feb 21, 2021

Yasss to self romancing! I'm here for it!


Feb 20, 2021

Love All Of It!!!


Feb 20, 2021

Come on “smiling out loud!” I love this recap! I too want to be at the intersection of living single and the baddie bylaws. More of this content, please!

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