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My Vow to Black Women

Today is the start of Women's HERstory Month and on the heels of Black History Month, I feel good.

Anyone that knows me knows that I am a Black feminist to my core.

I stan Black women.

I will riot for Black women.

I will go to war for Black women.

Black women are everything to me.

As I go into this month with intentionality, I want to publicly state my vow to Black women.

My Vow to Black Women

I am not perfect.

I do not promise to get it right every time.

I do not promise to be without flaw in my dealings with you but...

I promise to celebrate you every time I get a chance.

I promise to clap for you and clap back for you.

I promise to be in your corner even when you make mistakes.

I promise to love you when you feel that you are unlovable and give you grace when it seems you are unforgivable.

I promise that even if we aren't friends, even if we are "enemies", I will never wish you harm.

I want to see you win, always and in all ways.

We do not have to know each other for me to love you.

I love you because you exist.

I love you because the rest of the world may forget to.

I acknowledge your pain and I will understand when you can't just "be strong".

I vow to stand with you, whether it be as a soldier on the front lines prepared to fight or at the altar to pray for better days or even on the edge of the cliff just to feel alive again.

I vow to see you.

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