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Single Woman Romance

Some days I crave the things that I grew up reading about and watching on the big screen.

I crave candlelight and sweet nothings and letters and soft kisses. I crave romance.

Love Jones

The Notebook

Poetic Justice

Brown Sugar

Romance: a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.

One thing that I find myself really craving as a single woman is romance. I find myself missing the excitement and feeling of being loved that comes along with romance. I often miss someone openly liking me and treating me like I'm special. When I am dating as a single woman (I am currently taking a step back from dating to focus on some other priorities), I look forward to that romance from men that I date. That comes in the form of sweet messages, dates, thoughtful gifts, and physical touch.

In the past few months, I have explored the ways in which I can experience romance in my life without dating. I have found ways to experience romance with the people in my life that I love. I started to look at my friendships and familial relationships and the way they offered me romance and I began to be deliberate about giving that same thing back.

When I catch up with my friends and family, I give them my time and attention. While we do not talk daily, when I catch up with my loved ones, we often talk for hours. We celebrate wins. We talk through challenges. We pay compliments. We love on each other.

I go on friend and family dates when I can. In the world of COVID this looks a little different but I make time for Zoom brunches, happy hours, movie nights, FaceTime dates and social distanced coffee dates with the people that I love when we have the time.

I am a big gift giver and I pride myself on the quality of my gift giving. I enjoy sending my loved ones the occasional thoughtful gift and in return, I find that I receive that same energy in return.

Being single does not mean that you are undeserving of romance. Find a way to infuse romance into the relationships that you already have.

Comment below and tell me how you experience romance as a single woman or how you can do so moving forward.

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