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You Childish

Children see magic because they look for it. - Christopher Moore

I was having a conversation with my friend Arie (Hey boo) the other day about my first business I ever opened.

When I was 9 years old, I started a stationery business called MCJE (Marcy, Courtney, Julie and Elizabeth (LMAO) my Jawbreaker stans know what's good).

We had meetings at my house on the weekends. We had positions for each member and we kept inventory. It was a serious thing. That was when I knew I wanted to create something. I wanted to own something. That energy has never left me.

Similarly, when I was about 4 years old, I begged everyone who came over to teach me how to read. My uncle finally heard my cries and purchased me the suite of Dr. Seuss books and my mother taught me how to read. I've been a self-proclaimed bibliophile since I knew how to read. As soon as I could hold a pencil, I was writing….even before I knew how to write words. Give me lined paper and I was writing a story.

As children, we try lots of different things but think about those things that make you feel something when you remember how much you loved them.What was that thing that you did that brought you the most joy as a child? What was that thing that you most looked forward to? Life hits us hard as we get older and we lose a lot of our childlike imagination and spark but that does not mean that you have to let go that thing that makes you feel proud giddy and hopeful.

Major Takeaway: Hold on to your childhood magic. If you have lost it, go find it again. Pick up the paint brush, the pencil, the microphone, the basketball, the hair brush, the jump rope or whatever it is. Do not let the heaviness of life take away those things that produce joy in you.

Action Item: Comment below and tell me the thing that you are committing to hold onto from your childhood!


Brandi Nikkale

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4 comentários

23 de mai. de 2020

I remember reading, writing, planning, creating and using art to in some way to create a business. I loved making jewelry, making clothes, designing pieces for my friends and just making people look and feel good. I remember reading and writing to pour into myself and creating to pour into others. It's interesting to look back and see how we grew and what stuck with us over the years, makes you feel like some things are truly just meant to be.


Kiara Swanigan
16 de mai. de 2020

I have very fond memories of singing "Tyrone" (and other songs) for the "old folks". I saw that it gave them a good laugh and I enjoyed being in front of a crowd making them happy by being my authentic self. As an adult, I get stage fright like none other. I want to bring forth my younger self, and learn to be fearlessly me again. I think I'm moving in the right direction with my YouTube Channel now though!


16 de mai. de 2020

The childhood memories I hold to the most is seeing my grandparents. I can still smell their apartment, in Harlem. Smells of listerine and pine sol. I don’t know why, but whenever I’m down, I always go back to thinking about my grandparents and all the memories we share. It’s my happy place


16 de mai. de 2020

Playing the violin! I have loved it since elementary, and that has never left me. I’ve asked for the last few years on my Christmas list (yes, I am childish 🤣) for a violin and haven’t gotten one! But I made it a point on my “30 things while 30 list” to buy one and start playing at home for fun this year!!

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