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Elle Woods: Tragedy to Triumph

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

Legally Blonde is one of those movies that makes me feel good. I've seen it hundreds of times but I enjoy it equally as much every time. When I seen that it was on Netflix, I made a mental note to watch it soon to soak in some of that Elle Woods underdog magic.

Two nights ago I tuned into Legally Blonde and imagine my surprise when I had an entire new take away from it. I mean….Elle's story touched me like she was my friend. I'm really not being dramatic when I say she went from tragedy to triumph in this movie. Hear me out.

Elle was in love with this guy, Warren *insert eye roll*. She wanted him to marry her and she was 100% sure that he planned to. Have you ever been in love? Have you ever just felt sure that a particular guy was THE ONE? I have.

Just when Elle thought that life was about to become all that she could wish for…the rug was pulled from beneath her. Warren was not only NOT proposing to her. He was breaking up with her because he felt she was beneath where he was going in his life. OUCH! Here she was thinking things were serious and she had just been a good time to him.

Elle decided to go to Harvard Law School where Warren was going so that she could win him back. If you haven't seen the rest, I'm going to spoil it now. Elle struggled at Harvard at first but then she found that she really loved law and went on to dominate and by the time Warren wanted her back, she had recognized her worth and was no longer interested.

How many times have we ended up in an unexpected place due to tragedy or heartbreak? I know women that have packed up their lives and moved across the country for a man only to have their heart broken. I know women that have sacrificed their professional ambitions for a man. And this is not just about men. I know people that have made big sacrifices because of their family, friends, jobs and regretted it later.

Let Elle serve as our reminder that God always has a greater plan even when we can not see it through our pain. Often times the things that we see as detours are leading us to our purpose. If Warren had not broken Elle's heart, she would not have discovered her passion and talent in the law sector and she wouldn't have met her husband (she met him at Harvard)! I'm sure when Warren broke her heart she wished that she had never met him but that very tragedy turned into a magnificent triumph for her. Your tragedy (whatever it is) is going to be a powerful part of your testimony and journey to triumph. If you have regrets about some sacrifice that you've made for whatever reason, be encouraged that the journey is not over and that you will find a way to use that pain as a stepping stone to reach your purpose.


Brandi Nikkale

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