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Single > Settle

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

If you have checked out the Shop tab on the site, you have seen the Single > Settle shirt. If you haven't, click here. I've had a few people ask me about the concept for the shirt. As a single woman, I am often confronted with messages like the one in the screenshot above (yes, this is an actual conversation I had with a man on Snapchat). I am told that if I am single, it is something that I am doing or not doing or it's because I don't want "it". I find myself explaining over and over again my unwillingness to settle.

Imagine this: you get tired of waiting and you settle for a good man that you feel no real connection to. He's not an unattractive man. He's not abusive. He's sure about his intentions with you. Maybe he adores you beyond the moon. However, the feelings are not reciprocated. You do not feel connected to this man spiritually, mentally, emotionally or otherwise. You have not felt God on this. But you've decided. You marry this man. You have children with this man. You build a life with this man. One day, while married to your settle man, you meet THE ONE. Maybe it's at work, maybe he is a personal trainer at your gym, maybe he's a friend of a friend. You feel the connection. You just KNOW. are married. At this point, all parties lose no matter what you do. All of this can be avoided with one simple decision: Single > Settle.

Wait for the one that is for you sis. You deserve the one. Your future self deserves to know without a doubt that what is yours is FOR YOU. As a single woman, choose happiness in your single season over unhappiness just to have someone. Don't let anyone convince you to settle. And if they ask why you're so picky, simply respond SINGLE > SETTLE! (Or point to your shirt if you have yours on!)

Single > Settle

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